Get Your Mac Running at Optimum Speed

Isn’t your mac running as fast as it used to be? Use the Cache Cleaner module to identify & get rid of unwanted cache files, logs files, & crash reports that clutter the hard disk and take up storage space leading to an unstable and slow-performing Mac.

Cache Files

Cache Files

Declutter your Mac and recover hard drive storage space by deleting cached data of apps & user activities that might slow down Mac’s performance.

Log Files

Log Files

Thoroughly scan your Mac to detect and delete outdated log files, leftovers, and junk data, thereby avoiding app conflict and regaining hard disk space.

Crash Reports

Crash Reports

Get rid of unnecessary crash reports wasting storage space on your Mac, thus restoring gigabytes of space & saving important data on the hard disk.

Speed up Your Mac With Cleanup My System

When the apps are manually uninstalled, they leave traces that can take up a significant amount of space on your Mac. Using the Cache Cleaner module provided by Cleanup My System, get rid of this data and make your Mac run well for a long time.

Macs Are Better Without System Junk

Irritated with Mac’s slow speed? Remove cache files, log files, and crash reports accumulated on the hard disk and free up the storage space. Manually cleaning these files and other residues is not easy, but with Cleanup My System, you can remove them periodically & unearth Mac’s peak performance.

  • Crash Reports
  • Cache Files
  • Log Files

Keep track of utilized storage space & take necessary actions to get rid of cache files, outdated log files, and crash reports that take unwanted space.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System

Tools To Improve Performance

Cleanup My System is a robust Mac cleaner & speed booster suite with plenty of functionalities. It cleans up by removing cache, logs files, and crash reports. Using it, you can keep your Mac clutter-free.

Easy Solution for Your Mac Issues

Easy Solution to Fix Your Mac Issues

In just one click, perform thorough scanning to clean all unnecessary accumulated data (cache files, log files, and crash reports), hampering performance. This helps restore maximum speed in one go for smooth operations.

Fastest Scanning Engine

Fastest Scanning Engine

Cleanup My System is designed with advanced algorithms to perform speedy scanning and identify clutter. This ensures users enjoy a stable, faster, and optimized Mac experience.

Breathe New Life into your Mac

Take control of your Mac!

To effortlessly manage and improve Mac performance, Cleanup My System offers a Cache Cleaner module. This helps both novice and advanced users to locate unwanted data and optimize Mac for best performance. Nonetheless, this best Mac optimizer allows users to decide what to clean and what not to.

Remove Cache, Log Files & Crash Reports

Remove Cache, Log Files & Crash Reports

A clean and optimized Mac is required to stay productive and complete tasks on time. Cleanup My System gives you the chance to achieve it. This Mac tuneup utility lists down cache files, log files, & crash reports that you are unaware of and allows clearing them.

Cleanup My System

Your Personal Mac Cleaner

Reclaim Storage Space & Get a Fine-Tuned Mac!

An all-in-one cleanup tool and go-to solution to optimize Mac performance, analyze disk space, remove clutter, large old files, partial downloads, and more. Cleanup My System is an effective and powerful tool that can make your Mac as good as new in a few clicks.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System
Compatible with macOS 10.11+
System Requirements
System Requirements:
macOS 10.11 or later
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