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Generally, Mac machines are safer, but these days Mac users are a lucrative target. So, if you are worried about security, it would be wise to stick with Cleanup My System - your security guard that scans the browsers for sensitive data and allows removing them without leaving any traces.

Shield Privacy

Shield Privacy

When browsing the web, keeping online identity guarded is essential. Using this best Mac Optimizer, get rid of privacy exposing traces saved in web browsers & stay protected against cybercriminals.

Clear Browsing History

Clear Browsing History

Web browsers record your digital footprints, the good, the bad, and more. If this concerns you, scan and clear online traces using the Privacy Protector module of Cleanup My System.

Remove Search Queries

Remove Search Queries

Keeping search queries saved in web browsers isn’t a good idea; it poses a risk. Anyone with access to the web browser can know what you searched for, use privacy module to clear this data.

No trespassers allowed

Cleanup My System is your security guard – it locates all privacy exposing traces and gives you full control over them. Know what sensitive data is stored on your browsers, and clear that out to secure data.

Protection - We care about your privacy

To stay protected online, using the right tool is important. With Cleanup My System you can easily clear the browsing history, cookies, autofill values, and other data that tells what you did during the last browsing session. This helps protect and improve internet privacy thus securing you from common threats to your privacy.

  • Tabs from Last Session
  • Search Queries
  • Saved Passwords
  • Download History
  • Browsing History
  • Autofill Values

Cleanup My System is your protective shield, it helps identify & remove digital footprints like browsing history, passwords, autofill forms, etc. that one leaves while surfing the internet. To avoid being a victim it is important to clear this sensitive data.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System

We help keep personal information secure

Safeguarding privacy is your right. With the Protection module of Cleanup My System, easily delete sensitive information that can be used against you. Also, stop your browsers from influencing the search results and showing the recommendations list.

Eliminate browsing traces

Eliminate browsing traces

To tune up browser speed and keep Mac secure, Cleanup My System helps delete all browsing traces. This ensures no privacy exposing traces are left behind. To achieve this task, Cleanup My System goes above and beyond.

Eliminate chat details

Wipe saved passwords

Save yourself from the trouble of going into each browser and removing saved passwords. Use this intelligent tool to automatically search your browsers for saved passwords & delete them thereby keeping sensitive information guarded.

Best Way to Secure Data Privacy

Privacy and data security are a part of data protection, and Cleanup My System understands it. Hence, this best Mac Cleaner offers two different modules - one that scans your browsers, for autofill values, browsing history, and other sensitive data. While the other module detects saved passwords. With this information listed by the tool, you can get rid of this confidential data and stay secure from the risk of a data breach.

Watch over your digital information

Keep digital information in check

Each time you surf the internet, browsing traces are created telling a lot about what you did online. Using the Privacy module, you can remove all this data securely and ensure no one has access to this personal information.

Cleanup My System

Your Personal Mac Cleaner

Reclaim Storage Space & Get a Fine-Tuned Mac!

An all-in-one cleanup tool and go-to solution to optimize Mac performance, analyze disk space, remove clutter, large old files, partial downloads, and more. Cleanup My System is an effective and powerful tool that can make your Mac as good as new in a few clicks.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System
Compatible with macOS 10.11+
System Requirements
System Requirements:
macOS 10.11 or later
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