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Wondering how to protect your online privacy? Well, use Cleanup My System’s Identity Protector module to detect and delete saved passwords. Using this smart tool, you can manage the passwords saved in the browser and stay protected.

Wipe Saved Passwords

Wipe Saved Passwords

Saving passwords in web browsers isn’t a good idea; it poses a risk & makes you vulnerable to a data breach. Use this intelligent Mac Optimizer to delete saved passwords and shield sensitive data.

Manage Sensitive Data

Manage Sensitive Data

Online privacy is more than securing what we do; it involves protecting ourselves and what we are doing online. With the help of the Identity Protector module, shield sensitive data & stay protected.

Eliminate Saved Passwords

Clear Saved Passwords

To make our job easy without thinking of the consequences, we save passwords for the sites we commonly visit. Scan Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to identify such data & delete it to stay secure.

Keep Your Passwords Safe

Securing passwords from intruders has always been a priority. Once you enter the keychain password, this best mac cleaner scans information stored in Chrome Safe Storage & lists down passwords, thus helping stay protected from online attacks & data breaches.

What Privacy Traces Are Detected by Cleanup My System?

When you surf the internet, unknowingly, you leave digital footprints behind. If you care about privacy and want to ensure your online identity remains secure, use the Identity Protector module. Using it, you can easily detect passwords.

  • Erase saved passwords
  • Keep sensitive data secure
  • Locate saved passwords
  • Remove passwords saved in browsers

With the help of Identity Protector and providing Keychain passwords quickly get to know the saved passwords and delete them securely to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System

How does Identity Module Safeguard Passwords?

Cleanup My System’s Identity module scans Chrome Safe Storage for passwords to guard your passwords on Mac. This gives you the control to delete sensitive information.

Review Saved PProtection

Review Saved Passwords

If you are not sure what passwords you have saved in your browser. Use the Identity Protector module to locate passwords and remove them instantly. This will not only protect your data but will also save you from the hassle of manually sifting through each browser.

Delete Saved Passwords

Delete Saved Passwords

Deleting passwords saved in the browser isn’t tricky, but it can be a pain if you don’t know which browser you have saved your passwords to. With Cleanup My System, removing saved passwords is quick and straightforward.

Your Personal Mac Cleaner

Reclaim Storage Space & Get a Fine-Tuned Mac!

An all-in-one cleanup tool and go-to solution to optimize Mac performance, analyze disk space, remove clutter, large old files, partial downloads, and more. Cleanup My System is an effective and powerful tool that can make your Mac as good as new in a few clicks.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System
Compatible with macOS 10.11+
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System Requirements:
macOS 10.11 or later
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