Uninstall Apps from Mac Without Leaving App Data

Are you wondering why you still see some folders with the app name you just uninstalled? Well, understand that sending an app to the Trash doesn’t mean it is entirely removed. To thoroughly uninstall programs from Mac without leaving leftovers, Cleanup My System offers a powerful Uninstall Manager module that helps entirely remove apps along with their related files.

Manage Unwanted Apps

Manage Unwanted Apps

Many apps you install on your Mac are bundled with other apps. Check all the installed apps and uninstall potentially unwanted apps that you don’t recognize or need, and declutter storage space.

Remove Redundant Apps

Remove Redundant Apps

With Cleanup My System, users can delete unused apps and their related files, without leaving any junk data. This not only helps boost Mac performance but also keeps Mac optimized.

Delete Unknown Apps

Delete Unknown Apps

Once you run the Uninstall Manager module, you get a list of apps installed on your Mac. With its help, identify the apps that you do not use or do not know about and uninstall them from your Mac.

The Effective Way to Remove Applications

Cleanup My System ensures that by deleting apps and freeing up storage space, your system keeps delivering enhanced performance with an optimal experience.

How does the Uninstall Manager module help?

There are certain advantages of uninstalling apps using Cleanup My System. They are listed as below:

  • Identifies unwanted apps
  • Improves system performance
  • Complete uninstallation of apps does not create any conflict with other apps
  • Helps recover valuable storage spaces

Uninstalling apps properly ensure all the leftovers are deleted, and there are no traces of the uninstalled applications that might be interfering with Mac’s functionality.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System

Take Control of the Installed Apps with - Cleanup My System

Cleanup My System helps the user gain control of all the apps installed on the system and provides the authority to uninstall or remove an app. Also, this uninstaller for Mac lists installed apps categorically for ease of use.

Uninstall applications accurately

Uninstall applications accurately

When an app is moved to the Trash, tons of associated files like cache, preferences, and more are left behind. The Uninstall Manager module detects and helps remove all these leftovers in no time.

Your Personal Mac Cleaner

Reclaim Storage Space & Get a Fine-Tuned Mac!

An all-in-one cleanup tool and go-to solution to optimize Mac performance, analyze disk space, remove clutter, large old files, partial downloads, and more. Cleanup My System is an effective and powerful tool that can make your Mac as good as new in a few clicks.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System
Compatible with macOS 10.11+
System Requirements
System Requirements:
macOS 10.11 or later
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