Junk Cleanup – Remove Unnecessary Files From Mac.

Well, do you remember how many files have you downloaded on your Mac over the years? Probably a lot. Do you use them? Most likely, the answer is No. Such files are called junk files, and they just sit on the system, occupying unwanted space. Using the Junk Cleaner module, you can detect these unnecessary files and recover wasted storage space.



Cleaning junk files is the smart way to free up space on the system for the users. With Cleanup My System, you can easily remove Junk in Xcode, Unused Disk Images, and Old Downloads.

Junk in Xcode

Junk in Xcode

The Junk Cleaner module effectively identifies and removes accumulated junk in Xcode that slows down Mac’s performance, takes up unwanted storage space, and even leads to crashes.

Remove Old Downloads

Remove Old Downloads

Besides unused disk images, Junk in Xcode, old downloads stored also consume disk space. Optimize the system for better functioning with Cleanup My System.

Clean Junk Files Swiftly From Your Mac

Cleanup My System scans every bit of your Mac to detect old downloads, Xcode junk, and unused disk images that may create issues & increase the boot time. By cleaning these, Mac can become more responsive, and free space can be recovered.

How Does The Junk Cleaner module Help?

Cleanup My System’s Junk Cleaner module knows where to look for junk files, what to clean, and what not to; this makes cleaning unwanted data safe and easy. It even helps perform the following actions:

  • Wipe unused disk images
  • Clear old downloads
  • Remove Xcode junk
  • Document Version
  • Clean Broken Preferences

To help remove Xcode Junk, Unwanted Downloads, Unused Disk Image, and other unnecessary data, this user-friendly Mac cleaner app scans the entire system, shows scan results, thus, allowing users to decide which files to delete or keep.

Cleanup My System
circle XCode Junk
Xcode Junk

If you are a developer, you already know how much space Xcode junk and its corresponding files take. The junk cleaning module helps delete the Xcode junk and prevents issues.

circle Unused Disk Image
Unused Disk Image

Once a software is installed, disk images (DMGs) may stay on Mac, taking up unwanted space. The Junk Cleaner module tracks these files and removes old disk images to free up storage space.

circle Old & Large Files
Old Downloads

Over the years, we download multiple files on our Mac and forget about them. These files take up unnecessary space. Using the Junk Cleaner module, identify such files and get rid of them without wasting time.

circle Broken Preferences
Broken Preferences

Cleaning broken preferences becomes important to achieve smooth operations of the applications on Mac. Junk Cleaner can readily remove such broken preferences from your Mac.

circle Document Version
Document Version

Get an overview of the version history for Pages, Notes, and Keynote & remove the files that you don’t want to use. It is an excellent way to remove old document versions and free up some space.

Your Personal Mac Cleaner

Reclaim Storage Space & Get a Fine-Tuned Mac!

An all-in-one cleanup tool and go-to solution to optimize Mac performance, analyze disk space, remove clutter, large old files, partial downloads, and more. Cleanup My System is an effective and powerful tool that can make your Mac as good as new in a few clicks.

Cleanup My System
Cleanup My System
Compatible with macOS 10.11+
System Requirements
System Requirements:
macOS 10.11 or later
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